Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just smile

I once thought that
It will change if I change
It doesn't end the way I expect
But still...
I will face it with just a smile =)

I've been trying to change myself
in the past few months?
yes... I failed once... but i tried again..
and again...
and yes...
I slightly succeeded
I'm being normal as the way I've been before
Despite seeing things I don't like
I smile
I laugh
I joke about it
and yes it has to be end this way to make a better ending for myself

Isn't it good?
Isn't it the way you want?
I will never step over the friendship line
But instead...
I think I have started to hate you
But... well.. of course I won't hate you because of the thing I caused
I will still..
smile... =)

will be the last post I'll blog about you ^^
I'll still happy
I'm still me
I don't blame you
Blame me if you want
Because I know it's really not easy to handle situation like this
I know this will be the worst ending
So... nothing then~

I've changed my style
Like you all can see
I used to handle things by crying... hurting... blah blah blah
But... I wanna try to make it better
Just smile
and endure everything

I might breakdown for sometimes..
but don't worry
It won't be about you
Because I don't like you anymore
Do you want me to repeat it again?
Got it clear? ^^
Please say 'crystal' =P

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
A nice phrase from Kelly Clarkson's song
but you have killed me once
or twice?
or even more? 
nah~ Don't care about it~
Just leave it alone
and ohya...
I will and have kept my promise
I will not step over the line
and you
must keep your promise too
It's ok to behave your own way
If it really makes me irritate to the maximum
Forgive me for flipping the desk suddenly
Coz I am human too
I have feeling
Don't trigger me
just a friendly reminder =P

No matter you read about this post or not
This is my blog
I have my own right to write anything
publicly or privately
I've been here for 5 or 6 years
No one will change me to give up on this blog
understand? =D

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