Saturday, June 26, 2010

Idols are the fire in my heart

It's 4.46am in the morning
I haven't slept yet 
having machine test on Monday
it will be a restless weekend
as i said earlier,
this is the  worst semester  we've ever been
wrong subjects at the wrong time

  Assignment is off limit of our knowledge 
  Machine is hard to be understood 
 Confusion & mistakes are unavoidable 

I have really tried my best to do
I'm not good enough
at least not in expense of my life

Engineering is hard
really hard, and I mean it
never thought it could be this stress
lecturers are making students to commit suicide mentally
people get angry easily, include me

However, at least now I have a way of relax
although it makes me even more stupid 
I found a new idol to follow lately
He's Jun Hyung from a Korean group called B2ST

Jun Hyung

and Yoseob too~~

their songs are incredibly nice!!
and they are so cool~~
yet so handsome!!!!
Even I couldnt lay m eyes off them for one second

I guess I'm the only one
who get crazy with Korean idols stuff in engineering
people get tension easily
they don't even notice that there's such a wonderful group to admire

and for now
I make Taeyang & Jun Hyung as my target
(at least virtually)
so i can fight for my studies
although i might be distracted by their super-handsome face
but still
this is my way of study
I will risk everything for my target

I follow Jun Hyung's Twitter >.<
i cant believe i can see his tweet live
it's like meeting him digitally yet so real
feel so happy about this

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