Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I want you to know

Are you aware of what you made me feel
Are you?
No, I think not =(

Love can be blind
Love can be blended through time
I cant get my love
that is why I keep on finding someone to love
it's been a long time I had a crush on someone
I feel the excitement
I feel the pain at the same time
I can't face the truth
I keep on dreaming
I keep on imagine
but everything's just an illusion
yet I still live in it

it's none other than the same as the past
I love very much
I love secretly
I swallow the pain at the time I realize the reality 
and then hidden from it again
I look at you secretly
What can I do
What's not meant to be is not meant to be
What's forbidden is always forbidden
I should stay silence

I used to live like this
forever and ever
I can't complain
I can only cry and hate my life

How I wish you know
no matter yes or no
I just want to know

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