Friday, July 29, 2011


this is real, this is me
why can't you see
this is what i used to be

i smile
i laugh
i live in it
I'm just don't wan to face the truth
yet... at least... yet...

I want to make it longer
but time is running out
people don't think the way we think
they won't understand
how could they
as no one in the world really means to understand each other

being different
being fake
this is real
this is me
i'm exactly what I'm supposed to be
gonna let the light
shine on me
but it's almost time to turn the light off

just stay like this
like this
nothing gonna change
no accident
no expose
just like this

i don't have my dear friends here
i cant stand being alone again
alone in the dark
yes... i used to be in the dark
its not good

how i wish i could freeze time
its so archaic to use this phrase
but its the truth
i wanna freeze the time whenever i want
when the most precious moment fades away
i could save it
just save it
to save me

this is just another love
a hopeless love
i shall not give too much hope
i dont wan to fall into pieces again
its hurt
its really hurt
you dont know
you really dont know

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