Thursday, July 21, 2011

Underneath my smile, can you see?

Some secrets need to be kept...
Some story should never been told...

A lyrics I like it so much...
Hilary Duff
Dangerous to Know
what's really dangerous to know...
the truth...
human's reaction...
I cant bare it...

Underneath this Smile
Hilary Duff
I've shown it..
a thousand times...
that's the real me...
no one knows...
how could they know...
as I'm not the center of the world...

Hide Away
you know
Hilary Duff
I hide for so long
and now I'm free
why do I feel empty

I say what I have to say
I do what I have to do
Unlike playing poker
for once
I thought I could lose the game
but surprisingly
I won
but do I?
Do I won?

I smile
I laugh
My heart wrenches at the same time
it's the worst
I smile and heartbreak at the same time
I feel much much worse than I used to be years ago
I thought those days were the worst
but I think I never know what's the worst
as I'm still living

Being not the same
I cant say anything but just silence

Go away
Go away my pain
half pain
everyone has their past
everyone learns something in the past
They get something new and wonderful in this hour

Looking at them
my eyes fill with jealousy and hatred
but I can't
I didn't get it
I'm not meant to be
How I wish I could just die
and say this word coolly

"Let me bring this secret together to the grave"

Guess I'm just not ready to give up yet
and there's still many heartbreak ready for me
being like this
unlikely to be my desire
I'm just like this

you can't take it?
just go away
don't put salt on my wound anymore
I don't want to feel this pain anymore
I just need to remember
Hide Away
Underneath this Smile
Dangerous to know
it's dangerous..

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