Saturday, July 30, 2011

The thing I can't have

It happened again
A line from 'The Hangover 2'
never thought i could use it in reality
it's good
or it's bad
I didn't really know
as I hardly squeeze my brain to know what happened
at least I still have my fingers in the position

I don't feel well
as well as inside me
I cant deny
Though I don't really recall what I've said last night
but I feel like I've talked too much
what did i said?

it's so close
yet it's so far
in fact
it's impossible
i cant fight it
i cant have it
but still i hunger for it
i cant get the chance to feel
and more...

i like pop love song
heart broken song
i like the lyrics
even it's break up song
although it doesn't fit into what i'm going through
i just like it

C'mon c'mon don't leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out
it means another way in the lyrics
but i like it in my own way

i could stay like this
i could give you everything
just stay like this until...
until I couldn't feel anything
it just needs to take a long long time

니가 너무 촣아

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