Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living my own world

I got to prepare for it
I have to think for the worst
though I don't want it to end

it's hurt
like I used to be
it's the same thing
I fell into it
and I never climb back
unless I was forced to be buried inside

for once
I did thing I not dare to do
with the help of alcohol
of course it's no good
but this is the last time

I will give you
but how could I do for it
I can't do a thing
I couldnt

for times
I've stayed here for years
Still the same
Broken Heart Never End
but never mind
it's the path I have to go through
everyone has to go through

I wonder
have you gone through this?
I wonder
I don't understand you
Wanna know more
more of you
only if you allowed

seems like I'm living in my own world
like a crazy

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