Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'll come back, but I'm not coming back

Day by day
I lived through pain and insane
I couldn't make it
why is it so hard
just to put down and forget
I just couldn't
and now I'm living in my own hell

Internship is going to over soon
not really sure wanna back to INTI
Everything will be so different
and I don't wanna back to the different world I used to have
I couldn't

The consequence of everything
the backfire of having so much friends
and much more close friends
leaving us here
leaving me here
I couldn't stand it
I just want to hug you all and cry out loud
Until now
I didn't really have a chance to completely let go my anxiousness
Kahying, Hoayyin, Rachel... everyone
it's kinda weird
We're all having our own problems at the same time
and we're all falling apart in the world
We couldn't meet up

I just want to see you all
honestly speaking
I really don't wan to touch anything about college
I used to like college life
everything i learnt is really what I want
but now...
things have gone too over
Nothing gonna save it
and even I'm back there
I just wan to be alone
that's all
hate it or what
I've already been like this
I couldn't make everyone forget everything and start all over again
at least I'm not the one who can handle it

When will the Vivacious be gathered again
I'm waiting your return
you're the one who I didn't hug for the longest time

I miss you all
my college life
has been ruined
by myself

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