Monday, August 1, 2011

I sense fear

I sense fear
when I see
When I open my eyes
when I thought I could have been
a better way to adapt

Never thought I could be this miserable
Hiding on the staircase
Stare at nothing
my mind floods with whisper
whisper that telling me
this is just another same history

Wheel of Fortune
my history keep repeating itself
it's just another case
how long should I handle those eyes of fear
I changed
but I'm still me
people never accept us
I've seen enough

seeking for answer
but I seek for pain at last
there's isn't a spell in my book
I make the spell
just to console my mind
it doesn't work
the only sure is time
let me forget
let me give up

I cried
I cried
and cried and cried
yet I'm still crying
I can't control
I can't control
whenever I see you
or should I say
you wouldn't even dare to look at me
this is fear
is it
is it

I feel like wanna get drunk again

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