Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm haunted

I'm really down
very very down
I fall into a hole deeper than you thought
It's not easy to let go of this haunting
reminds me of you
and the way when you know nothing 
and everyone enjoys the fun
and then the way you avoid me
the way you can't face me
the way you being now
I'm dying inside
and I'm not sure if I really wish to die outside

We're never been couple
but it's hurt like breaking up of them
and I'm STATING right here and right now
I'm hurt
it's not because I cant have you
this is far more pain than a humiliation 

it's cant be solved by just because it's my birthday and i wish you could be nice to me that day and you did nice to me but it's just that day!!! it's not right!!! AT ALL!!!! why can't you just treat me like how you treat everyone!!! talk to me like how you talk to everyone!!!! AND AT LEAST LOOK AT ME WHEN YOU'RE ANSWERING ME!!! 

you have no idea how much pain you put on me!
yes!! I know this is not your fault!!
and YES!! It's damn my fault!!!
for dragging you in!!!

and yes...
this is my life
I've been wandering between this two line
It's you who make me fall so deep
yet it's not your wrong
and yet again, it's not solved
it will be haunting me
for dont know how long
I just wish
I could stay alive
not thinking of finding the short road
I wish I could think in a better way
but how could I
I'm not okay at all.. ='(

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