Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Piano after Guitar!! (my first english post and at INTI!!)

this might be the first ENGISH post for my blog XD
coz now i'm currently in INTI

In fact i was going to use the music room after class
but dunno which stupid boy or girl using it
and now i'm stucked in INTI
just because my mom was doing her job
(she is busy)
and now i have already waited here for over an hour
actually i have already get used to it
trust me
this is not the longest time i have waited

for your information
i'm writing using ENGLISH
because stupid INTI's computers don't have CHINESE!!!
damn uncomfortable to write in english
feel unlike me
but nvm la
as long as i can blog and express my damn feeling here and NOW! XD

as just now i have mentioned that i was going to use the music room
actually lately i'm quite attracted to the piano
please dont misunderstand
i still LOVE my guitar
just i was like
suddenly fall in love with piano too
quite a few songs that i want to play in piano

For you I'll Die by Marion Raven

Butterfly(Digimon) by Wada Kouji

YUI's all songs!!

and yesterday i was like an idiot learning the chords using the youtube
sounds silly but that's the only way i can learn
in fact i was going to ask zijia teach me
but suddenly i feel like better dont wan disturb ppl la
then i think i better learn myself XD

my subjects still disappoint me a bit
as i STILL dont understand a single word my lecturer was teaching
yet i still dont have the feel to study myself =.=''

and lately
i still have a feel
a strange feel
a feel like floating around~~
i cant feel my feet on the ground
though i have said that i wanted to be myself and dont wan to interfere my stupid feeling
but to be honest
i feel a bit hard to block my interference towards my heart
but whatever la
got ma go lo
no ma eng eng ceng ceng lo XD

i never know that typing in ENGLISH actually faster than type CHINESE leh
normally i used up up to 1 ~ 2 hours to blog a post
i used ONLY 15 MINUTES!!!
maybe i should consider blog using ENGLISH XD
but maybe not la
coz dont feel like myself as i dont speak ENGLISH daily XD

think i got to go now~~
mom's going to reach at anytime
and i dont wan my blogspot account to be logged in without me signing out XD

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