Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You're my daydream

I tend to get so down lately
a lot down
ever since I've entered college
I never been this down
when I join my friend
I get the most joy
without thinking anything like I used to

somehow I can't avoid the issue forever
I get mood swing lately
I try to forget thing
and join friends
thought I could get rid of this irritating feel
but I can't
for the first time I went to the top floor of INTI

sitting beside the staircase alone
Listen to my music
and drop some tears
surprisingly I can't even tell time flies
so fast
my class ended
and I just skipped half of my class

guess that no one really care what I've been doing
but never mind
I could care less about this
I just need some time to be alone

so close yet so far
it's the same thing I said long time ago
it's no big difference with old case
I just being too emotional
too sensitive
till I hope I can...
never mind
thinking too much not good for me
I could get down again
and start to punch walls ㅋㅋㅋ 

I though of something
seems like human are not perfect
I thought I could have everything
but in fact that's so not true
There's always something you're missing
for my case
I couldn't get it
no matter how
no matter how
it's a sad fact
I feel so... down again.. ==

everyone thought I've been emo for academic
that's really  LOL
but not bad
at least no one tries to ask me what happen this what happen that
well sorry~
I could tell the whole story to my beloved friends only~ <3

just hope that I could get better in these days
coz I will be very busy lately =P

You are my daydream
A dream that couldn't be true
Yet I'm living in it
Let it be just an illusion
An illusion that hurts me
like other illusions do in the past

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