Thursday, November 26, 2009

Am I going to DIE?!?!

2 hours more till midnight
the bacteria in my throat i getting ready to work their pub
(starting to feel the wave of itchiness)
luckily there's still have Fisherman's Friend that can cool them down =.=

feel so boring the whole day
nothing to do at all
(maybe the canon job turn me down also dunno @.@)

I've done a research for myself
try to find a way to STOP THIS GOD DAMN COUGH

there are some ways
  • drink a hot milk with a teaspoon of honey mixed
    ~ yea.. this is easy to do but it tastes weird @.@
    it can cure insomnia also
    well... i couldn't sleep all because of COUGH only

  • chew a ginger
    ~omg.. do i really have to do that
    ginger's really not my stuff X.X
    but still.. i may chew it if I'm desperate to do so
there's also a point state that to keep the humidity of the room
it says that dry air will worsen my cough
so dunno~~
maybe prepare a big bowl of water put in my room?!?!
or how could i control the humidity in my room!!
these days are hot hot HOTTTT
so no matter how i still need my air-cond to be on

today i got a weird feeling
to be exact.. its kinda suffer
like i cant breathe
and its like my lungs are full of water
or somehow feel like something's pressing on me~~
OMG~~hope that it's not those 'dirty' thing~~
though i still feel headache lately
and now while I'm typing
i feel dizziness
like want to throw up X.X

Am I going to die?!?!

1 comment:

hoohoo said...

chew ginger???
walau eh hw u make it!!!geng!!!

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