Thursday, November 26, 2009

stay alive X.X

till now, I'm already half dead X.X
from yesterday night (1.00am) till this morning (about 10.00am)
so... which mean i DIDN'T EVEN SLEEP at these moments
very suffer~~~ X.X

my chest and my abdomen pain like hell~!!
my voice's turning even more sexier~~
my throat's getting itchier and much red than before~~
my lips' somehow getting even more reddish as if I'm using my mom's lipstick =.=
my panda eye's getting more serious as I CAN'T EVEN SLEEP


though i get coughing easily and I've get used to it actually
but THIS IS THE WORST CASE I've ever had
can't believe I'm still alive till now~~

Chinese traditional medicine ~ from doctor and from my grandma
Western modern medicine ~ from ONG TOO and it's damn expensive
Pei Pa Gou ~ somehow found in my refrigerator
Fisherman's Friend ~ also found in my refrigerator, at least it hasn't reached the expired date
Hong Iu (nutmeg oil) ~ to "bua" on my chest and throat

I've stuck ALL stuffs as stated above into my stomach(except Hong Iu)
and yet this DAMN COUGH is getting even more happier
wonder that the bacteria inside me is same as me as 被虐狂

this is something quite funny
as i have stated just now
the ONG TOO doctor one
this is one of the clinics that i visit everytime i sick
and yesterday the doctor look at the record of mine
and he tells me
"wow~~everytime u come see me is definitely cough one lo"
and he shows me the record

FROM 2005 TILL 2009
cough (2005)
i got cough almost twice a year cough (2005)
cough (2006)
cough (2006)
cough (2007)
cough (2007)
cough (2008)
this time cough (2009)

this is quite embarrassing~~ XD

and still there's the same problem
I cough less than 10 times in the afternoon
but i cough GOD DAMN NON-STOP at midnight
seems like the bacteria's having night pub in my throat @.@

Wish me to stay alive X.X

1 comment:

hoohoo said...

adam arrr, i heard bfor arrr
western medicine and chinese medicine look like cannot cham cham eat wan leh

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